My passion is to help ALL human beings look and feel their best. My approach to skin therapy results in beautiful, healthy and vibrant skin and provides emotional and physical relief of life’s daily stresses and challenges.  After one session you’ll feel the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders.

Christina is special-trained to support cancer patients & understands areas on the body which should not be massaged due to ports, lymph node removal, surgical areas, etc.  Specific products are used to calm, hydrate & strengthen skin. She uses breathing techniques & words of encouragement to relieve stress & anxiety. These services are designed to help you through this unplanned journey by providing compassionate care.  Cancer can affect all aspects of a person’s life. These services allow you to get away from your illness for an hour.  As stated by one of Christina’s clients who is facing cancer, “For that short time, I didn’t feel I had cancer.”

Christina’s mission:  To support patients with skincare & spa therapies to restore hope, uplift their spirit, help lessen the side effect challenges due to cancer treatment and help improve their quality of life. She wants patients to know they are not alone, they are supported, and they have not lost their beauty or dignity to this illness.